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Are you an accredited investor and want to learn more about the investment options Note Management Co LLC has available as an investment alternative to your hard earned money?

Ways to Passively Invest in Real Estate

People don’t often realize the many ways they can passively invest In Real Estate using their resources creatively. Let’s dig into some of the ways you as a investor can participate such as:

  • Retirement Accounts: You can adjust your current IRA to become a “Self Directed IRA” This allows you to invest in Real Estate and not be taxed for moving funds into select Real Estate investments.
  • Saving Accounts: Take your Savings and or CD’s and that are paying really low returns ( 1-2%) and make 8-10% on a secured investment with Real Estate.
  • Low Cost Equity Lines: Use existing owned Real Estate. You can secure monies with the equity in your home at a very low rate. (3-5%) and Invest the monies in a secure Real Estate Investment at 8-10%
  • Credit Partnering: Use you good credit score to secure funding for a Real Estate Investment with a group on investors. This would require about 10% cash of the purchase of a property with you financials to secure a loan. Typically this type of arrangement allow you to receive 25-33% of the net proceeds of the investment. Grat way to leverage capital for a great return.

Please reach out to us with any questions that you may have about the above mentioned ways to Passively invest in Real Estate and make higher returns than you are currently receiving.

Excellent, fill out the standard Accredited Investor Application form below. This makes sure we’re working with a qualified individual.  After you fill out the application we’ll connect with you to show you our available options.

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We present accredited investors with an opportunity to review quality deal flow that matches their criteria. Access to our opportunities is free for your use, however, you must be a direct, accredited or sophisticated investor. This section is not open to broker dealers/finders/middle-men. All applications are reviewed by hand. If you are interested in investment opportunities with us, please complete and submit the registration form below.
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